How to pick the right swimwear for your body type

200px-Anya_Monzikova_Beach_BunnyIt’s almost swimsuit season, and if you are like me, you are probably looking in the mirror, assessing your body and thinking where and how many pounds you need to lose to look great in your swimwear :) But, in my case, I don’t always succeed, but I know the tricks when it comes to choosing the right swimsuit to make me ‘look’ right, so I wanted to share those with you:

When choosing the color of your swimsuit pick one with darker colors on areas you want to camouflage or make it look slimmer or smaller and pick lighter colors in areas you would like to highlight.
Also choose the right print & print size for your body type. If you are petite choose smaller prints, a print with dark background will have a slimming effect and an allover print will be great to camouflage bumps and bulges.
When it comes to details like ruffles, metal rings, bows and ties, use them where you want the attention or where you are smaller and need to add volume, for example, if you have a small bust and you need a little bit of oomph use a top with ruffles.

Body Types:

There are many articles and blogs covering the horizontal body types and what works best and what to avoid, but I didn’t find many covering the ‘vertical lines’ in our bodies which is equally important. So, I am not going to cover the horizontal areas such as Full or Small bust, Bottom-heavy, etc., instead I will include a couple of links that I thought did a great job.

And be sure to read my blog about body types here.

– Look for bottoms that sit lower than your natural waistline
– Higher necklines (if you are not full-busted) to make the torso appear longer
– Any vertical lines in the torso area, look for vertical stripes, topstitching or seaming.
– Avoid high-waisted bikini bottoms and horizontal lines in the torso area.

If you are getting a one-piece, make sure it is long enough so it fits right and you are comfortable. It is best if you chose a tankini since it creates a horizontal line and will make the torso appear shorter. Also, look for horizontal lines/details in the mid-section such as belts, stripes or patterns. Don’t forget to consider your horizontal features, if you are big busted you don’t want to have horizontal stripes to make them look larger (unless you want to :); the other option would be to go for higher leg cut bottoms to give the illusion of longer legs. Avoid boy-leg briefs, surplice style one-piece, dropped waist, ruffled or pleated bottoms.

Mid-Body short:
If your body falls in this category, fortunately you don’t have to worry about balancing upper & lower body proportions, however you will have to keep the focus away from the shorter proportions (bust-to-hip or hip-to-knee), so avoid focusing attention on the area between the bust and hips. Choose same color matching belts or tankinis instead of contrasting colors. Avoid raised waists and too much going on in the mid-body section, keep it simple.

Lastly, what makes the biggest difference in how you look is your posture. A good posture will make you look thinner, perkier and younger. Keep your chin in line with your sternum, shoulders back and relaxed & chest high. Practice and be conscious of it. If you need help, ask a friend to remind you to stand up straight and stop slouching.

Perfect proportions:
Well, you are lucky, at least vertically lucky :) just make sure you select a swimsuit that flatters your body’s horizontal lines and have fun.

If you still have questions you can leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you.



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