Fashion Shopping Calendar – January

I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season.  Stores are so busy, I am trying my best to stay away. I just don’t have the patience for it anymore.  And, I am not missing much – since Nov and Dec normally is for resort & holiday wear and I have no plans for a resort vacation, and this year I haven’t been invited to a lot of holiday events (hmmm… I wonder why? :) )  So, on to January.  This is the month when stores want to get rid of their stock to make it easier for the end of the month inventory.  Therefore, all winter items go on sale.  You may see very few Spring items coming in, such as crocheted handbags, cruise wear like flowing print pants and linen jackets.  Also, because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, lots of red teddies and items with hearts on them will appear. This is the best time to buy that beautiful coat you have been longing for because it will be on sale – let’s just hope you will find the size/color that you want :)



About Mokara

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I grew up watching my mom sew, I always enjoyed what she made, until.... I turned 17 & I wanted my skirts a little shorter or the dress tighter & she’d argue with me :) & guess who won? Well, she was making it for me so she had the control & I had to do something about it. I learned pattern making & sewing. I loved it so much that I went ahead and got a degree in Fashion Design, I became a wardrobe and image consultant and basically I'm addicted to clothes :)) I have been told I am a perpetual student, and I love to share my knowledge. I enjoy recreating high fashion garments that otherwise I cannot afford and love to do the same for my clients. Enjoy my posts and be sure to drop a line xoxo
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