Maximize your potential: When Do you need to buy a new bra?

Your posture and what you wear under your clothes together make a big difference in how you look.  Undergarments have a huge role in your appearance.

Good posture conveys the message that you are confident.  It’s easy, practice it – a few years ago, after my back surgery my posture was terrible because of walking in weird ways for months to avoid the pain, so my coach made me walk around the gym a few times each time before the workout! I was embarrassed but I was determined to get my body & my posture back.

Stand tall, throw your shoulders back, but not too much, chin parallel to the floor and in line with your sternum, tuck the tummy in, take a deep breath, and don’t forget to smile. This will instantly make you look years younger.

Now, the bra test: This is for everyone, regardless of being small or large-busted.  Stand in front of a mirror, tie a string around your waist then hold a stick on the base of your neck (the two little bones) – the space between these two is all the space you have for your chest, now look in the mirror, the fullest part of your bosom should be in the middle, no lower than half way. If it’s closer to your waist you guessed it, it’s time for a new bra! But, try to adjust your bra straps first, this might be the issue, but if that doesn’t solve the problem then you need to purchase a new bra.

There is another test that I will share with you in my next blog.  Have a fabulous week everyone! ;)





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Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I grew up watching my mom sew, I always enjoyed what she made, until.... I turned 17 & I wanted my skirts a little shorter or the dress tighter & she’d argue with me :) & guess who won? Well, she was making it for me so she had the control & I had to do something about it. I learned pattern making & sewing. I loved it so much that I went ahead and got a degree in Fashion Design, I became a wardrobe and image consultant and basically I'm addicted to clothes :)) I have been told I am a perpetual student, and I love to share my knowledge. I enjoy recreating high fashion garments that otherwise I cannot afford and love to do the same for my clients. Enjoy my posts and be sure to drop a line xoxo
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